Author: Wudi Fan

Algorithm of Love – by Ken Liu

The Algorithm of Love is perhaps my favourite short story of all time. Being the thinker and Tech fanatic I am, I was deeply intrigued by the thought-provoking themes of this short story – in a world of prominent artificial technology, what is real, what is not? Thanks Ken Liu for granting ShareMyWrite to post this writing. If you redistribute this story, please include a link to Enjoy the read, Wudi Fan       Algorithm of Love – by Ken Liu So long as the nurse is in the room to keep an eye on me, I am allowed to...

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Trick or Treating for Canned Goods

  Halloween has always been children’s favourite time of the year for the tradition of dressing up and trick-or-treating at night. However, when you find students collecting non-perishable goods instead of candies amongst groups of cheerful children, you might wonder: why would anyone prefer collecting canned foods as opposed to delicious candies? As you may or may not be aware of, hunger affects every community regardless of the size of its presence. According to Food Banks Canada, over 850,000 people of all backgrounds turn to food banks for help on a monthly basis. Halloween for Hunger, or WE Scare...

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Who I Aspire to be

Being the fiddler and classical music fan I am, I was browsing through classical music videos on YouTube (as usual) when I ran across a video. Here is the link to the video if you wish to check it out: The 67-year-old violinist, Itzhak Perlman, entered the room with the help of crutches. However, when he started to play, there was no sign of old age. From tuning to bowing, every technical detail was perfect. He played one of the most challenging classical music pieces and played it effortlessly. He enjoyed every note he sounded; he embraced the...

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Black and White

In where I’m from, There is a light, a never fading, Permanent light. The sun. An Artificial light, blinding those with hope, Blinding those in need.   In where I live, There is peace, an eternal peace, Under the disguise of humanity. A Spark of hope, blown off by the norm Blown off by the wind.   We chase the light, not questioning, Whether it is really what we want desperately   We ponder about the peace, whispering, About the order gained in expense of freedom and creativity     Those who can see, are lost Those who find...

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Another Me

Another Me   When I picked up my phone Staring back at me Was a reflection of myself   When I hit the on button The phone came to life And I became the deceased   I guess, when the lights are off We can only be identified by the lights from our cell phone screens Or the lack of it We would survive as long as our phones do, For we don’t know how to live without it   It has become another me I could be what I, in real life, am not I can live with...

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