Category: Feminism & Equality

STEMinist, equation to equality

A young woman’s story of revolutionising equality, one equation at a time! “Dear Salvadorian girls, you can do anything, you really can do anything, it doesn’t matter if you’re the only girl in calculus (like me), or what your family, friends and teachers say, if you like science, you should go for it, you are doing this for you, the only thing that matters is your happiness. I really want to see more Salvadorian women and girls in Science, because, we are the change El-Salvador needs!”, says seventeen year old, Ana, when asked what message she’d like to give...

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North Korea crisis

(Writer: Felix Ferlicchia, Editor: Wudi Fan) The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has long been a threat to the world and has been especially threatening to countries like South Korea and the United States. Even though no country invoked North Korea in any way, it wants to have war with other countries. Under Kim Jong-un’s regime, North Korean civilians suffer from limited rights and terrible laws. People can’t do a lot of things, and they’re under total control of the government. There is no freedom in North Korea – people get told what to do and what not to...

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Freedom for Catalonia

(Writer: Felix Ferlicchia, Editor: Wudi Fan) For many years, the Spanish province Catalonia tried to become an independent country, and the Catalonian Government has tried almost everything to make that happen. A couple of weeks ago, approximately 90 % of the citizens voted in the referendum for independence, and thousands of people showed up in street parades. However, the Spanish government did everything to prevent the separation: the police forces opposed the parades and caused over hundreds of casualties. Now, these Catalonian revolutionists were treated like criminals despite having good intentions. This shows how aggressive and selfish the Spanish federal government...

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