Category: Identity

Haunted Identities

The vague memories At a babysitter’s house With a black cat She’d pick me up in the morning And drop me after you were back In all those hours I’d long for you mom The warmth of her cat Made me forget the lack of motherly love This was back in ’07 When I was just 4 We moved houses 6 times Each one you made me call home The walls were stained With somebody else’s wine The floors chipped With somebody else’s stilletos There wasn’t place for me to create identity So I chose not to Or rather...

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Another Me

Another Me *Trigger Warning: Depression, Mental Health When I picked up my phone Staring back at me Was a reflection of myself   When I hit the on button The phone came to life And I became the deceased   I guess, when the lights are off We can only be identified by the lights from our cell phone screens Or the lack of it We would survive as long as our phones do, For we don’t know how to live without it   It has become another me I could be what I, in real life, am not...

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The Death Song of Music

When I am old, I will live in a remote forest, if there still be any Away from the chaos of this world, I will listen To the sound of music, if there aren’t any I will be the one playing   My violin will sing in the snow I will dance to its ring Not caring the least about my clumsy movements And the sound of my joints cracking   Because there will be pleasure In the delicate melody of music With its power stronger than the wind It ignites a fire in me   In the darkest...

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Last Breath

Life is a mystic thing You can have up and downs Sometimes you’re the homeless, sometimes the king But now I’m the one on the ground I’m lying here Just thinking goodbye Si puo morir But I’m the one to die I am in pain That makes me insane There is no she Without her I feel like to be or not to be That is here the question Just like the great quotation I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to think It feels like I’m cursed and doomed Like an eternal rain that stinks...

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A Poet’s Disclaimer

See you at the land, Where the minds of the poet and the writer meets   Say not you understand not Poems aren’t meant to be understood at all, Only interpreted Now that’s the essence of beauty   Say not you can’t write If you can think, you can write, If you are human, you can think No one can’t write...

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