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The program ‘What after SEE?’ focused on SEE appeared students was successfully completed in June 9, 2018 ( Saturday ). Teenage Society Nepal ( TSN ) and District Child Network – Kathmandu were the organizers of the program. With SEE appeared students in the bench, the program ticked its mark with an amazing Herculean applause. Sponsors, co-sponsors, organizers, coordinators, media partners were delightfully mentioned by the host. Motivation’s curtain was unfolded at the very first moment. Rohit Malla, a motivating sensation blew off the mark with laughter and inspiration all through. He at the foremost started with a question ‘ Who are your all time 3  favorite persons? ‘ Soon after hearing the answers he initiated the topic ‘ Self Priority ‘ as nobody included their own self in the answer. the motivational talk was continued by ‘ Self Motivation ‘. He later gave a magical trick to find self in everything we’re connected. With an example of word ‘ STARTLING ‘. Firstly he removed the letter ‘ L ‘, continued with ‘ T ‘ , followed by another ‘ T ‘ with eradication of letter ‘ A ‘ , ‘ T ‘, ‘ R ‘ ‘ G ‘ ‘ S ‘ respectively and at last with the removal he made of letter ‘ N ‘, ‘ I ‘ was the only letter left. He stated ” There’s no...

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It’s Inevitable

If only time had a different intention And we had a different path, Would it be the same? Or our thoughts left to blame   If only power decided its wielder And we just a priest in its temple, Would it be the same? Or our lives that would linger in its sophisticated games   If only matter had decided to hate And we just a product of its rage Would it be the same? Or our existence that would be burning in its ruthless reign   If only darkness decided to be light And we deceived by its...

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