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“You want me”

Hey! Heard you were every studs favorite, But let me tell you that I’m still drowning in an ocean of confusing emotions for you. You know what? That vermilion sky under which I met you, Is now in tears of blues Because baby, it’s the mirror And you visualized me in it with a white briar Off which I had no intentions off. But still my heart wants to be a king With you by my side as my queen but it’s sad That it always lies. I hope you understand how I survive between these lies That always...

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Elizabeth Joy Behnke

Your eyes Are like the constellations above us The stars The sun The planets You’re hiding life yet undiscovered in them I seek comfort That there are worlds Yet undiscovered within you And that I can discover them Or be them You’ve shared the light of the stars With me Made me believe That when my light is out I’ll have yours to guide me Maybe, you’ve done this to many Told them That your light will erase their darkness That the absence in their life Will be filled with the many worlds you hide within I’ve never seen...

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A Love Poem // For My Creators

This isn’t a pretty poem, Because love isn’t pretty. Love is everything but pretty, And you have taught me that. You have taught me that love is beyond a kiss, Or an “I love you”, It is listening to their voice and seeing all your problems disappear. Today, isn’t about me, It is about you. About how you’ve stayed together for 17 years, And still, the spark of passion in your eyes never disappear. It is how you’ve taught a fourteen your old that love, Is beyond what’s on the outside. That love exists only on the inside, That...

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Haunted Identities

The vague memories At a babysitter’s house With a black cat She’d pick me up in the morning And drop me after you were back In all those hours I’d long for you mom The warmth of her cat Made me forget the lack of motherly love This was back in ’07 When I was just 4 We moved houses 6 times Each one you made me call home The walls were stained With somebody else’s wine The floors chipped With somebody else’s stilletos There wasn’t place for me to create identity So I chose not to Or rather...

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don’t talk to me about the future- our supposed future don’t tell me you’ll marry me don’t make my dream our dreams don’t make my goals our goals don’t tell me forever when forever only means until you feel like it because when you leave I’m not only going to lose you but the perfect future we fabricated walking on clouds not realizing it’s a long way...

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