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Unrequited Love

We were young and cautious Spent nights after bedtime And then we found love Amidst the gaps Of our broken hearts And the empty spaces Between our shattered souls We grew flowers To fill the void From the people who came before Our hearts Merged Into gardens But they weren’t sunflowers They were roses The red significant of our love And the thorns of our present Now we’re just a graveyard With decaying bodies Of memories And haunted By the people who left And now We’re 2000 miles apart Searching for more bodies To bury in our...

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I tried, You do what you want I cared, But my advice instills no power We are so different, You and I How long can our friendship lasts, When… Distrust? Maybe we’re too close Disappointment? Maybe I have too much expectations I want to help.. I really do My one goal is to help you to reach your goals Remember that But when your replies are nothing but politeness I wonder, Whether you are laughing with your friends supporting your wrongs Or embracing the foes correcting them? I wonder and my advice shall still instill no power I hope...

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Blind Toxicity

  *Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse This is how I found home In the darkness Your feet taps to the rhythm of my heart And now you’ve deprived me of my heartbeat too I can taste my own blood And I wonder if it’s flowing to your feet Like the Ganges worshiping Haridwar This takes me back to when I was 8 Just like today In the darkness When you made me worship you That day was the first day you deprived me But today This darkness becomes indefinite My obedience to light is...

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