Category: Survivors and Victims

Knock knock

  *Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse Knock knock Who’s there? A sexual predator, he said I’m gonna touch you here, touch you there Because I know you’re never going to dare To scream or shout because you’re  too scared He was right I was scared and marveled at the thought that A 11-year old in their world is a “grown woman” I couldn’t breathe then Nor can I now All I see is his blurry face! How? He touched me with his filthy hands Oh, the scent that I can’t withstand I’m scarred for life Are you happy...

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The Fables of Reality

  *Trigger warning: Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse 12.January.2018 My trauma becomes indecisive to neglect The doctor tells me “Your trauma makes you a permanent victim” My confidence momentarily shattered “You have high-functioning anxiety disorder” She tried defining my soul From an act that was committed against body It is like defining how cold fire is It’s like measuring the heat of the sun from Neptune “You have PTSD” You tried pouring water over the sun I dare you Next time pour kerosene And I’ll shine brighter Because I am the sun My destruction is yours too The...

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