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STEMinist, equation to equality

A young woman’s story of revolutionising equality, one equation at a time! “Dear Salvadorian girls, you can do anything, you really can do anything, it doesn’t matter if you’re the only girl in calculus (like me), or what your family, friends and teachers say, if you like science, you should go for it, you are doing this for you, the only thing that matters is your happiness. I really want to see more Salvadorian women and girls in Science, because, we are the change El-Salvador needs!”, says seventeen year old, Ana, when asked what message she’d like to give...

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The Fight For Quality Education

Education stays at the very center of every society. However, it is hard to state that there is an ideal educational system, and the Romanian one is no exception. The flaws and malfeasance in our educational institutes were the spark that determined the apparition of the first NGO students society, AEC (The Student Association of Constanța), in 2013, in Constanța, Romania, which intended to better the quality of education. Since then, four other associations have joined the movement for a quality education, including the one I am vice president of (The Student Association of Maramureş). Together, we had plenty...

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