(Writer: Felix Ferlicchia, Editor: Wudi Fan)

For many years, the Spanish province Catalonia tried to become an independent country, and the Catalonian Government has tried almost everything to make that happen. A couple of weeks ago, approximately 90 % of the citizens voted in the referendum for independence, and thousands of people showed up in street parades. However, the Spanish government did everything to prevent the separation: the police forces opposed the parades and caused over hundreds of casualties. Now, these Catalonian revolutionists were treated like criminals despite having good intentions. This shows how aggressive and selfish the Spanish federal government is, and what they can do.

Catalonia has the right to independence, especially when 9 out of 10 people want separation. Spain would lose just a corner of the country, which in my opinion, by no means detrimental to the country’s economy. Moreover, they have Europe’s help.

Moreover, there is always a reason behind the idea of independence, and this reason is the difference between the country and province. However, the reason Spain wants to keep something that is almost totally different is that it is selfish and just want gains, mostly financially gains. They think it’s OK to do whatever they want to prevent the separation, but to kill people or send them to prison just to gather financial gains is barbarian and ethical in no ways. Such a ruthless behaviour can easily lead to another civil war, and that’s the last thing anybody wants.

My opinion is this: give Catalonians what they want and keep the peace between the nation and the people. The province should have the right to declare independence, and people shouldn’t lose their lives fighting for their basic rights.

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