(Writer: Felix Ferlicchia, Editor: Wudi Fan)

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has long been a threat to the world and has been especially threatening to countries like South Korea and the United States. Even though no country invoked North Korea in any way, it wants to have war with other countries.

Under Kim Jong-un’s regime, North Korean civilians suffer from limited rights and terrible laws. People can’t do a lot of things, and they’re under total control of the government. There is no freedom in North Korea – people get told what to do and what not to do and if they break laws, they get tortured on the most inhumane level. The regime of Kim Jong-un is a crime against human rights.

Kim Jong-un is not only torturing people of his own country, but he is also violating world peace and threatening others around the world. North Korea is the first country you think of when asked which country is most likely going to start a world war. People from the peaceful country South Korea are scared that North Korea is going to bomb their country and conquer it.

North Korea has been the biggest threat besides ISIS, and is also violating the United Nations and what it stands for. Nuclear weapons shouldn’t be allowed at all, neither should it be threatening other countries. We, from a world outside the country, can just hope for the best and make peace treaties. The only ones who can stop this entire fraud are the North Korean people themselves. They need to overcome their fear and stand up to the government. Only the people can bring down the regime, bringing democracy into the country.

As of now, we ask that Kim Jong-un should stop the missile testings, become open to negotiate the usage of nuclear weapons, and to stop threatening other countries. North Korea is the highest risk for a World War 3, but hopefully one day, there is going to be a Korean revolution that brings peace to the country and the world.

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