How can Clothes fight back?

Just second to the petroleum industry, Fashion industry is the one and only dominating factor in terms of pollution. Now, just think the amount of waste the industries produces when they’re manufacturing humongous amount of stuffs according to our demands.

Similarly, It takes approximately 6000 gallons of water to just manufacture a simple jeans and a T-shirt and on top of that, even an average person has a whole unused collection of the same clothes in his cupboard that are pleading to their owner to use them. Nowadays, it’s better to measure the waste size rather than their body size that fits them best. The point is that the fashion industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day and the wastes are just directly proportional to it.

The reason why it gets bigger is because of our demands that are high. We always want modern stuffs that are unique and more dashing than the same guy who stole your girlfriend. And after sometime, you have a feeling that she’s not coming back so you dump them or just place it in your museum of clothes. Furthermore, Not only our wastes are large but the same is for the industries that produce it in a humongous scale. So what should be done to take the edge off the pollutants? Of course, Clothes should be bought in terms of need not in terms of hedonism, so that the demand stays low and wastes are cut down.

Another way is Upcycling. It’s a new that involves a desire of passionate people to create something creative and to conserve the finite resources. “One step towards conservation in present will lead to ten steps of preservation for the future”- This is just an example of an organization that’s currently involved in Upcycling the squanders produced by the fashion industry in India which is also didactic for those who’re confused about the textile wastage’s and  for those who want to do something about it. It’s a beautiful concept in terms of limiting wastage’s, creating employment opportunities and new aesthetic designs.

It’s already time we start thinking about the feelings of all those clothes who’re always there to design our body with its charms. So, don’t forget that these clothes will have their vengeance when they form a union to pollute our environment in their own logical ways or in simpler terms, Clothes do fight back!



Featured photo by: Igor Ovsyannykov

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