(Writer: Sachin Dangi, Editor: Wudi Fan)
Warm yellow lights, books on the corner shelf, with music as your friend and a coffee brewer with a friendly smile. On top of that is a menu from which I could choose beans from all over the world. As a coffee lover, this was the perfect little heaven I’ve always searched for, and my search has ended when I first entered “Coffee Beans.” It was late afternoon and I was looking for a coffee shop with a friend to end the day beautifully. On a casual walk from Naxal to Gairidhara, we saw Coffee Beans. We entered, and the mood inside was perfect. The lights and room decor created a warm atmosphere, and the music freshened our minds and the sticky notes all over glass doors indirectly connected us to more coffee lovers who had been there; the world certainly feels like a better place when you are inside the doors of this cafe.

In a country where for most people coffee means opening a nestle packet of Rs.5, this is special. This place looks like a cafe straight out of Hollywood movie where the hero takes his girl on a date, a place where you could imagine a guy with trench coat sitting in one of the tables and solving world crimes with a coffee by his side. Being the person I am, I wanted to know the story of this place, I wanted to find out about how this place was established and more important, was it worthy as a business?

Words from one of the founding Barista of the cafe, Mr. Sanjeev, states that,
“The youths of Nepal is focusing on either going to first world countries to study or going to gulf countries to earn money. We always had a different thought. We believed that we had to make our career with a personality, in our home, right here in Nepal.

“I started my profession of Barista since 2068 BS, I had always seen its huge scope in Nepal. So I stepped forward, through the “Take away Coffee” idea in Nepal. Peoples are busy these days – they do not even have time to go to a coffee shop and spend some quality time, and on the other hand, they need coffee to keep them active. Thus, we brought up a solution. With take-out coffee, they can order a coffee in a special go-to cup and take it with them to their busy life. This was well appreciated. The beginnings were not smooth, Though we had take away concept. It was hard to collect capital and after managing the capital from friend and relatives, it was trouble finding proper location. It took us couple of week to find place and finally we landed up at Gairidhara, with considerable number of offices and business grooming around, this was the perfect place for first outlet. Thus “Coffee Beans” was started.

“All the hard work paid off, After 5 months we started ‘The School of Coffee Beans’, our second outlet at Dillibazar to provide Barista training for those who are planning to go abroad and to those who wants to work in coffee making sectors in Nepal.
Our future planning includes giving Entrepreneurship classes for those peoples who are willing to invest their time and money in coffee business and make their career in Nepal.
It has been 7 months since we first started. We have been able to let people drink good coffee, give them some great bean choices including Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and many others. Our customers are happy and we are happy.”

It has been couple of months that I have been a regular visitor at Coffee Beans, I have sat there are wrote around 2 – 3 of my articles and they have books to company so you can walk in alone and still not feel alone. They have a coffee card in which the 6th coffee is a free coffee, along with other discounts.  I just love this place and I definitely would recommend it for all the coffee lovers out there.

      … Little Heaven They Said …. I Say Well Said … 

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