The very first impact I made in this world was a noise. Growing up, I hardly realize making a better impact to anyone anywhere. 7.6 billion and few people to care, for what we do. Blow up a building! What goes wrong to a pale blue dot? No offense, but be ready to behold and strong.
Small impact changes, literally. Plant a tree once a year who knows how beneficial it is ? Make others happy while you may not inside. Teach others and start sharing what you know. Surely, no regrets will come forth. Be yourself. Don’t copy others and make a living. Let others copy and rejoice you.
Millions of people dying due to hunger and we people are searching for opportunities. Opportunity is what has not been done till date rather than what is left for us to do. Learning to turn those opportunities into a greater impact in our and others is what I call a life. Your country is itself an opportunity. Help the needy people. Help the disabled. Help the orphans, and unaccompanied. Help the street children. Ensure that every child is getting nutritious food, proper clothing and a better shelter. How healthy those smiles would be? How great would the photograph look? Or is it better shooting a candid with a cheeky flat face whose when asked turns into a million dollar smile?
The way we’ve been growing up was wrong. We were taught, to become someone and not how. The way we live, should either change or there is no way we’re getting better in future. Impact is totally based on what we do. The bad things that we see and go through must change. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?
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