This question makes me open the window of my room and also of my mind to witness an intangible Samir College‘s Arena. I see few buildings of my college, trees, and hills at distant. Perhaps, there is a small lake too. It’s a pure rural setting with no urban influences. In this small college, you may probably see some known faces whenever you take a walk outdoor. The climate is temperate, and there are benches for you and the “known faces” to unwind and have some chitchat.

I open the door of my room to get out of “CEO’s office”. As I walk through the college sphere, I can see students; some are playing musical instruments, while some are composing poetry; some are sketching and painting; and some are on the field playing soccer. I feel really content to see all these youngsters enjoying the magnificence of art, just as I wanted. Nature itself is a masterpiece of art. Involving in art forms is the ideal approach to comprehend nature. I believe that art is one of the bases of life. Too bad, they don’t get children ponder artistic expressions at younger ages. But, in my college, at least one form of art is a must.

Then, I walk into a building. I can hear individuals discussing calculus and algebra. A boy approaches me to ask about the infinite series. I don’t give him my appointment for the following day; neither do I act too diplomatic and formal before him. I take my pen out and explain him as vividly as I can. I even advise him to contact the mathematics professor for additional help; after all, my professors have “students” on top of their priority list. This building of mathematics is always populated as it is a mandatory home for all students. Mathematics is another basis of life and a staircase to eternity. Knowledge of mathematics can unlock the most intriguing and sometimes most bizarre physical phenomena. None shall exist in the absence of mathematics; no art, no business, no science, not us, not the universe.

Suddenly, my imagination dilutes by the sound of my mom yelling at me,” Samir, you wasted your monthly pocket money within a week? I am not giving you a penny now onwards!” These kinds of incidents occur quite often to me. I spend money without analysis of needs, but wishes. And the marketing officials are quite clever to generate wish for their products in consumers like me. Hence, as of late I am feeling the need of “Personal Finance Management” for college students. I will add it to my college’s biweekly curricula. After all, everyone, regardless of their profession, will need it.

My diluted imagination concentrates again as I walk into my favorite hall, the library. My college library has a diversity of books, separated by the taxonomy of genres. This “house of emotions” contains storybooks, novels, comics, biographies, research papers, and internet facility. It promotes research so anyone can get assistance to prepare questionnaires, research notes, and prerequisites of experiments. Explorations and research are required for every major. I am happy that I can maintain this hall in the best condition for all my students.

Now sitting at the library desk, I turn my college’s bulletin. I am proud that I can supply my promises to my students and maintain the code of conduct. It has no strict laws and harsh punishments. We study in collaboration and co-operation. There are going to be high points and low points, and breach of rules, but we shall handle every situation with care and politeness. After all, these are students, not hooligans. Maybe, life is not fair, but this college is. We spread affection along with equity. We don’t have a formal procedure and strict assignment deadlines, rather a relaxed teaching-learning process and regular assignment monitoring and assistance.

In the end, I don’t want “school is the second home for students” to be just a cliché line in the “school values” section of the newsletter, instead to be a sweet reality.

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