(Writer: Samir KC, Editor: Wudi Fan)

Any time we talk about social service, there is one crucial question: “Why do we do social service?” The answers we receive are always the same cliché words and phrases such as “Humanity,” “availing others,” “aiding the incapacitated,” and some more. It is weird to know that people are accepting that they are fortifying others by their social service but are not yare to accept that it actually conceals a selfish reason.

The quote“Helping the poor is equivalent to helping the Almighty” points out that we are helping economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals so that God can be pleased with us and fulfil our wishes. Well, that is certainly not “selfish” at all.

A few months ago, I attended a social service organization meeting and heard the term “helping others” more times than I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. I believe “Humanity” does not equal to “helping others.” And in essence, who is truly helping others? many people are doing it for their selfish reasons, whether that is to achieve a content feeling or to put a smile on one’s own face by witnessing that on others.

So, let us embrace the reality. Why should we pretend that we serve the poor for their good when it is all for ourselves? Not many people would do social service if helping others does not give them the satisfaction they so lack.

PS: “Selfish” does not mean “mean” here, it signifies self-centred and complies with selfism.

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