Your eyes
Are like the constellations above us
The stars
The sun
The planets
You’re hiding life yet undiscovered in them
I seek comfort
That there are worlds
Yet undiscovered within you
And that I can discover them
Or be them
You’ve shared the light of the stars
With me
Made me believe
That when my light is out
I’ll have yours to guide me
Maybe, you’ve done this to many
Told them
That your light will erase their darkness
That the absence in their life
Will be filled with the many worlds you hide within
I’ve never seen you take away one’s light
But, I’ll always seen you give them some
It isn’t your duty to make sure that the light never fades
But you do
And I love you for that
I’ll love you no matter what
But if you run out of light to give
Run out of light for yourself
Know that
There is a moon
It’s not that bright
But together with our warmth we’ll create sparks
And you can go back to lighting up the world
You are a constellation
Hiding many worlds within you
Somewhere within them
I find
I find these inside you
And maybe that’s why
The definition of me
Is a lot easier to find
When I’m with you
I find solace
In the homes we’ve found
In your many worlds
What happens
When these many worlds
Turn into
And become an identity crisis
When you can’t find the world to which you belong
We are human
Our existence was found here
On earth
It isn’t home
But it’s a house
This can be
Our home

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