You are a land hard to conquer
The emotional trauma you impose
On yourself
On me
The constant reminder
That you are imperfect
You conceal your scars
But when will you realise
That these scars
Are all you have from a war that left you destroyed
People came
They bombed
They used rifles to accentuate the war within
The way you look at me
To judge yourself
Your constant search for imperfections
So that you can turn
A mirage into memories
The way you find a perfect way to cry
So that people don’t find you “ugly”
Stop looking at me for judgment
I’m just glass and a silver coating
I’m just what light reflects
Look at me
And look how you’ve survived
How you still belong to yourself
Even after all the men who tried to conquer you
You have stray pieces
Of people who don’t belong
Show them
That you’ve stole from them
While they tried destroying you
You are a land hard to conquer
But don’t conquer yourself
And believe someone else did

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