I was a young kid, living in Germany,

A country in Europe which was totally wrong for me,

A land where bullies are the boss,

When you are different there, then you are lost,

Not only children, also teachers and parents too,

Like a prisoner in my own skin, staying home was the only thing I could do,

They swore and insulted me, just because I was different,

My behaviour, and what I do, I don’t intend it,

I can’t change who I am, you have to accept that,

They treated me like a criminal, even though I never did anything bad,

The lack of acceptance and respect wasn’t the only problem,

There are also my mind and my heart to condemn,

Struggling with my inner self all the time,

Shyness and emotions I could not deny,

And everytime my heart would shoot for someone,

It got ripped, burned and thrown in the trash,

This still happens, but I have the same feelings as everyone,

And if I achieve something, even small, it feels like a million in cash,

Why do they look at me, like if I would be the Eiffel tower with a beard?

I’m just a human like you, who wants to be seen and heard,

Living now in the new world, it gave me a chance,

To embrace myself and show who I really am,

You know me as the one who speaks, bakes and can dance,

But there are a lot more things I know and I can,

You have to see the bigger picture, and don’t judge a book by its cover,

It could be surprising what you’ll see and discover,

I might be different, but who cares,

Everybody is different, but that’s normal, that’s what humans share.

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