The vague memories
At a babysitter’s house
With a black cat
She’d pick me up in the morning
And drop me after you were back
In all those hours
I’d long for you mom
The warmth of her cat
Made me forget the lack of motherly love
This was back in ’07
When I was just 4
We moved houses 6 times
Each one you made me call home
The walls were stained
With somebody else’s wine
The floors chipped
With somebody else’s stilletos
There wasn’t place for me to create identity
So I chose not to
Or rather
You chose for me
And now
10 years later
You tell me
That I am lost
I cannot deny it
Between the cracks of the walls
I found a path
To myself
And 10 centimetres deep
I found home
In a house that didn’t belong to us

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