Life is a mystic thing

You can have up and downs

Sometimes you’re the homeless, sometimes the king

But now I’m the one on the ground

I’m lying here

Just thinking goodbye

Si puo morir

But I’m the one to die

I am in pain

That makes me insane

There is no she

Without her I feel like to be or not to be

That is here the question

Just like the great quotation

I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what to think

It feels like I’m cursed and doomed

Like an eternal rain that stinks

Will no one come to find me?

Will no one come to save me?

This pain hurts too much, I can’t do it no more

My woes spread like cancer, visible from the outside and core

It spread everywhere

And it doesn’t stop

I take my last breath here

Starting my forever nap.

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