Strings flying around the blue sphere,

pinning points here and there.

From islands to islands,

and hearts to hearts.


Spectrum of conversations

from thousands of miles

to across the street,

the strings are tied.


All you want to say,

all you want to see,

all the warm and joy flavors you taste not,

are brought by the strings.


Oh strings, strong yet fragile strings,

only can be tied on LED screens.

Ubiquitous and dangerous.

Hold hands with cold machineries.

Era of internet, of speed, of productivity.

Upgrading technology and so are strings.

More functions and better interface;

captivating birds to leave their nest.


To a kingdom where apathy is the king,

interacting with the information overloaded screen.

Breaking bond with the surroundings,

the nature,

the reality.


Floods of posts, stories and celebrity news;

hashtags, likes and emojis are just not enough.

Seeing unfamiliar faces in the friend list;

exploring the new features, something is missing.


Strings are utilized not as it should.

False news, comparing likes, low self-esteems,

the inner layers of the strings

are making everyone paranoids.


Mists of excitement blind all eyes.

Locked eternally the door of past.

Waves of strings hitting land hard

left the old one silent crying.


Strings flying around the blue sphere,

pinning points here and there.

Twisted, cold, and mechanical

unravelling and replacing the pure and soft.

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