For millions of years, humankind could live without it,

But now it is necessary and is their one and only entertainment,

It just got invented less than a century ago,

Unfortunately that was the biggest mistake though,

Now everybody is addicted and cannot resist,

They use media like boxers use their fists,

Everybody gets blinded and does whatever he does,

Always waiting for gossip and waiting for something new,

The media is building people now, before that the people built the media,

Society gets influenced by it too much, it is the new deadly bacteria,

Students and adults hang on their phone all day,

They linger on TVs and computers all night, it is not okay,

It turns people into morons, it makes them stupid,

Movies, phones, TVs, computers and social media they cannot live without it,

Facebook or Instagram they do instead of education,

Snapchat or Google is for them the only solution,

People got brainwashed and controlled by the media too much,

It is the only thing they want to do or touch,

Many people are poor, homeless and in need, but nobody cares,

Because that is exactly what the media does not show and share,

People are greedy and selfish, blinded by the modern world,

Living in the virtual world, not knowing the real world is not free but curled,

We are wasting resources that are our roots of life,

So that we get our phones for one year and a knife,

The real world is ruthless and brutal, this is the truth,

If you did not have it you would be smart, healthy without a sweet tooth,

You got to help the people, the environment, the earth and its health,

Stop looking at your phones, take action, make change, start with yourself,

We are all people, born equal with equal human rights,

But you oppress the others, you are selfish so that everybody fights,

Make the world a better place, stop being so cold,

Before its invention it was more peaceful, now it is not, it is media’s fault.

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