The program ‘What after SEE?’ focused for SEE appeared students was successfully completed in June 9, 2018 ( Saturday ). Teenage Society Nepal (TSN) and District Child Network – Kathmandu were the joint organizers of the program and intended to motivate and aid the students to carry on with their further studies.
With SEE appeared students in the bench, the program ticked its mark with an amazing Herculean applause. Sponsors, co-sponsors, organizers, coordinators, media partners were delightfully mentioned by the host.
Motivation’s curtain was unfolded at the very first moment. Rohit Malla, a motivating sensation blew off the mark with laughter and inspiration all through. He at the foremost started with a question ‘ Who are your all time 3¬† favorite persons? ‘ Soon after hearing the answers he initiated the topic ‘ Self Priority ‘ as nobody included their own self in the answer. the motivational talk was continued by ‘ Self Motivation ‘. He later gave a magical trick to find self in everything we’re connected. With an example of word ‘ STARTLING ‘. Firstly he removed the letter ‘ L ‘, continued with ‘ T ‘ , followed by another ‘ T ‘ with eradication of letter ‘ A ‘ , ‘ T ‘, ‘ R ‘ ‘ G ‘ ‘ S ‘ respectively and at last with the removal he made of letter ‘ N ‘, ‘ I ‘ was the only letter left. He stated ” There’s no one who can control self. Act like deaf when you’re accompanied by criticizers. “
Narrating a story of crow, swan, parrot and peacock’s mentality of prettiness¬† Mr. Malla abstractly described the needs of loving and respecting oneself. He literally proved that confidence is valuable than Diamond rings, Ruby chain and so on. He later talked about ego and pride comparing these two with air inside tyre of a car. He urged car only runs with adoptable air which is pride. Unrequired air is alike ego which even cars want to get rid of to run smoothly.
Continuing with the trail of teamwork, he gave a practical example of Nepalese students when he said students take full initiative when they do something correct and blame others while committing wrong deeds. Patience was another topic, he narrated a mesmerizing example stating ” Even DOKO can adjust water in it but we need to have patience untill it converts into ice. ” Risk taking, Time management, Focus and Simplicity were other topics he talked about.
The program was continued with Cover sensation Dipin Karki, questionnaire sessions and Education facilitator GD Pandey’s coverage.
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