*Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse

This is how I found home
In the darkness
Your feet taps to the rhythm of my heart
And now you’ve deprived me of my heartbeat too
I can taste my own blood
And I wonder if it’s flowing to your feet
Like the Ganges worshiping Haridwar
This takes me back to when I was 8
Just like today
In the darkness
When you made me worship you
That day was the first day you deprived me
But today
This darkness becomes indefinite
My obedience to light is betrayed
Your feet continue to tap
I can feel your calloused fingers
Grazing my neck
Fiddling with my hair
As you lean in closer
The vapour of cheap alcohol
And cigarettes
Blindfolds me
My pledge to light
Now seems more tampered than ever
And maybe
Is in between your calloused fingers and toxicity

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