Heard you were every studs favorite,
But let me tell you that
I’m still drowning in an ocean of confusing emotions for you.

You know what?
That vermilion sky under which I met you,
Is now in tears of blues
Because baby, it’s the mirror
And you visualized me in it with a white briar
Off which I had no intentions off.

But still my heart wants to be a king
With you by my side as my queen but it’s sad
That it always lies.
I hope you understand how I survive between these lies
That always steals my origin as a mies.

Remember that day when you cried
And making you feel sadder was what I tried
With the lies which I always have to straggle.
Yes, I admit of those days that were so retarded but
Yet, it was so full of fun.

But these days,
I see you’re tying to change
But I can see your eyes that
wanted me so bad.
I could see how much attention you wanted like a slut
But I only saw thirsty people around you
Fulfilling your empty company with their cheesy words.

I see you finally could collect the guts to press my number
But how would I have answered with long sentences of love
When I’m in a middle of making love with someone with such majestic beauty?

I can sense the jealousy grow in you
But it feels so nice.
Don’t worry baby I’ll soon press your number
Because it’s destiny that’s humble
Rather than time off which you speak
That doesn’t cares for anyone and neither will
But baby mark my words,
I’ll soon be your time
Because of our relationship that has always been so intriguing
And, the emotions so sublime…..

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