This isn’t a pretty poem,
Because love isn’t pretty.
Love is everything but pretty,
And you have taught me that.
You have taught me that love is beyond a kiss,
Or an “I love you”,
It is listening to their voice and seeing all your problems disappear.
Today, isn’t about me,
It is about you.
About how you’ve stayed together for 17 years,
And still, the spark of passion in your eyes never disappear.
It is how you’ve taught a fourteen your old that love,
Is beyond what’s on the outside.
That love exists only on the inside,
That the outside is just an illusion,
A figment of our imagination.
You’ve created an illusion,
That turned into my reality.
This poem isn’t supposed to be about me,
But I am the result of your love, your illusion.
This is an ode to those 17 years,
And the many more to come.
An ode to standing together, forever.
This is a pretty poem,
Because pretty is painful,
And so is love.
And i know,
You’re in this together

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