Love is what I admire, but despises me

Like all the girls I used to like, they hated me

Love is a weird thing, it’s a mystery

It is the only reason why I want to be

Love is all I’ve wished and dreamed of

Instead it never came and always felt rough

Love is what steals people’s breath

It is supposed to last until death

Love is my enemy but my biggest desire

It is my energy and my inner fire

Love has never shown its face to me

For a good life it is the only key

Love is for two people or more

When it is someone you adore

Love is strange, it’s hard to make deals

I don’t know how it looks or how it feels

Love is a blaze that takes you to the stars

My heart is empty, I’m living on Mars

Love is hope, and hope is what destroys men

It also is love what kills them

Love is sometimes an illusion

You misunderstand and it becomes an intrusion

Love is the complexion of your heart

My heart got thrashed and is bleeding in the dark

Love is loneliness, no one can deny

It is like an entire sweet chocolate pie

Love lives lifelong and is unleashed

Even though it’s a lingering heart thief

Love is decreasing in this world

It is underestimated and never heard

Love is the only thing I miss

To be honest I don’t even know what love is.

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