*Trigger warning: Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse

My trauma becomes indecisive to neglect
The doctor tells me
“Your trauma makes you a permanent victim”
My confidence momentarily shattered
“You have high-functioning anxiety disorder”
She tried defining my soul
From an act that was committed against body
It is like defining how cold fire is
It’s like measuring the heat of the sun from Neptune
“You have PTSD”
You tried pouring water over the sun
I dare you
Next time pour kerosene
And I’ll shine brighter
I am the sun
My destruction is yours too
The sun
Is the product of collisions and explosions
Just like I am of trauma
What he did was to my body
My soul still stands
He corroded my body
Exposing my soul
He exposed the sun
Since that day
I’ve been the reason
Plants photosynthesise
And you breathe
The next time you tell me I’m a permanent victim
I am permanent
And I am not a victim
I am a survivor
And I will be
Until the word victim is a fable in itself

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