Education stays at the very center of every society. However, it is hard to state that there is an ideal educational system, and the Romanian one is no exception.

The flaws and malfeasance in our educational institutes were the spark that determined the apparition of the first NGO students society, AEC (The Student Association of Constanța), in 2013, in Constanța, Romania, which intended to better the quality of education.education_button2.jpg

Since then, four other associations have joined the movement for a quality education, including the one I am vice president of (The Student Association of Maramureş).

Together, we had plenty achievements, of both local and national importance. We militated for things such as free travel for all students, scholarships granting, ceasing of discrimination in educational institutions or  the increase of the budget allocated to education. The most notable action performed took place in 2016, when The Student Association of Constanța sued the Ministry of Education for not offering free school manuals for students in the junior and senior year, as the Constitution states. The process was a success and millions are fully benefiting from the right of free education even today.

We all share the same vision, but our goal is far from being reached. However, it is this unfulfillment that empowers us and keeps us united.

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