The three-month long await has come to an end now. The result of SEE (Secondary Education Examination) is finally out. The students along with the parents who were eagerly waiting for the results are finally aware of theirs. Though the examination system has completely changed, the trend of overreacting over the results has not changed yet. I don’t know why but the SEE results are always overhyped by Nepalese people. Given name as an “Iron Gate” this is nothing more than to pressurize students. Immediately, after you reach Grade 10 morning and evening coaching starts. This is nothing more than tantrums of our teachers and parents.

My sister too had given SEE this year and from morning till late at night we were flooded with phone calls from our relatives. Even after they heard the results they were not contended until they compared her result with somebody else’s result. She was happy with her results but the people’s reaction over it made her feel down. This is the habit that we all people must change. Not only in the matter of studies, comparing someone with other is absolutely wrong and rather it makes the person being compared feel more demotivated and leaves them shattered.

This is only a regular type of exam. Let us not make a big deal out of it. Sometimes, hard work doesn’t pay off and luck doesn’t favour us. Don’t just pressurize them. Now, their life has moved a step closer to their future. They are yet to choose the career they want to pursue. I hope the students will take the decisions not based on the parent’s perception or the society but on the basis of their passion or interest in something.

I wish there will come a day when Nepalese parents will understand the student’s problems and let them take their own decisions. I hope the SEE will not be overrated and over hyped like now in the near future.






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